Interview series: Our Crafted Nation, with Joanne from The Letter J Supply

Jomaine: I know you were a graphic design for about a decade before The Letter J Supply came about. What were the thoughts running through your head that made you come to a decision to do the switch?

Joanne: I did a gradual transition, I still had some freelance graphic design jobs on hand. It was a balance between both fields at first, because I needed some financial stability that freelance gave me. Slowly I stopped taking up design jobs entirely and focussed solely on The Letter J Supply. It was a mix of anxiousness and excitement, but I knew it.

Bye bye 2015, hello 2016!

2015 is coming to an end in... (looks at calendar) FOUR DAYS!?! Wow. There're really so much to be thankful for this year. It has been one huge leap for me, considering the fact that I jumped into Average Jo full-time after working on it part-time for more than 1.5 years. 

I'm really excited for what's to come in 2016 for me and Average Jo (please continue to show love, friends!), and also not forgetting to give thanks for 2015, for you've been great.