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Because adulting can be tough.

These Mini Milestones Stickers were designed and made specially for adults who need that extra pat-on-the-back when things get a tad rougher. Small milestones are milestones to be celebrated too!

Mini Milestones: Adulting Made Easier (Green Set)

Mini Milestones: Adulting Made Easier (Green Set)


Adulting can’t be that tough with these stickers around, right? This series of stickers was inspired by the mini milestones that should be celebrated more, because adulting can really be challenging. Be generous and reward yourself every step of the way!

  • Hand illustrated
  • Each set comes with four stickers
  • Each sticker is 4cm wide
  • On the reverse side, there's an empty spot for you to get creative and doodle your very own milestone
  • Made in limited quantities as a special run
  • See the other 12 designs here
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